Custom PC bottom structure Angl3d Ti - be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 - part 3 - zeuligan 19

Custom PC casemod exterior acrylic for Dark Base Pro 900

Big progress on the base structure and bottom part of the custom pc casemod. With the last part of this mod finished with a fairly solid structure, this part will be all about filling the gaps in the exterior acrylic and make one solid structure.  With the front part of the bottom almost done, I

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Custom PC base structure Angl3d Ti - be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 - part 1 - zeuligan 05

Custom PC exterior base plate part 1 – project Angl3d Ti

After creating the base plate bracket it was time to move on with creating the base structure of the base exterior. I got inspired by the original stands of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 as they are angled, so decided to try to incorporate them.   What’s not to like with feet like

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Angl3d Ti PSU Shroud Timelapse

PSU Shroud Timelapse for Custom PC Angl3d Ti

Timelapse of creating the PSU Shroud for custom PC project Angl3d Ti. It is close to 5h of original video. The entire work with the shroud from start to finish took close to 100h. The PSU Shroud will be painted black and part of a larger custom pc mod of the amazing be quiet! Dark

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Angl3d Ti PSU Shroud for be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 EKWB ASUS ROG 02

PSU Shroud project Angl3d Ti custom PC mod acrylic bonanza

After over 100 hours of hand filing and acrylic focus the base shape of the PSU Shroud for project Angl3d Ti is finished. Managed to create it divided into two pieces without a visible edge. One of the last pieces of the PSU Shroud mod. All 3 sides angled in opposite directions and created with

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Angl3d Ti PSU Shroud be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 07

PSU Shroud Angl3d Ti be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

It will be an immense amount of work to finish the custom PSU shroud with its 118 individual angled acrylic pieces. That is also part of the charm of this build. The level of details needed. Only way to reach the end is to start. With the use of Acrifix 116 I fixed 2 triangles

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Custom PC Angl3d Ti GTX 1080ti

Custom PC Angl3d Ti – Dual Water cooling loop GTX 1080ti

Project Angl3d Ti – Custom PC with dual water cooling loop, vertical GTX 1080Ti sponsored by ASUS ROG, EK Water Blocks, be quiet!, Teamgroup and Enermax. A huge thank you to all of them, making this extraordinary build possible.  The inspiration started when I created custom gaming PC Zeuligan and instantly fell in love with

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