Angl3d Ti custom pc front part 3 pcmod Zeuligan Computers 01

Front part 3 custom pc mod Angl3d Ti Zeuligan

After a new modding room and a full stack of amazing tools thx to Ryobi I could get back to modding and project Angl3d Ti. Some parts left to do on the complicated front as well as closing up the bottom and front.  It was suddenly a dream. The last 3 angles to finish the

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Zeuligan Creality CR-10S 3D printer modding pc equipment 12

Creality CR-10S 3D printer modding for pc modding

After finishing my modding room and after some back and forth I pulled the trigger on a 3D printer on Black Friday. 2 days later it arrived with, what would become a 2 week headake.  I took a decision to buy the Creality CR-10S. Just couldn’t justify paying almost 250% more for a Prusa 3.

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Angl3d Ti PSU Shroud Timelapse

PSU Shroud Timelapse for Custom PC Angl3d Ti

Timelapse of creating the PSU Shroud for custom PC project Angl3d Ti. It is close to 5h of original video. The entire work with the shroud from start to finish took close to 100h. The PSU Shroud will be painted black and part of a larger custom pc mod of the amazing be quiet! Dark

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EKWB D5 PWM Aqualis XT 880ml Reservoir Aquacool Fittings

EKWB D5 & Aqualis XT 880ml assembly with Alphacool fittings

It is an amazing feeling when you start to assembly items planned months ago. My EKWB D5 PWM pump and Aqualis XT 880ml reservoir custom bracket created so long ago is no execption. Will it work together with my custom carbon fiber floor and PSU shroud? Only one way to find out. One major concern

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be quiet! custom carbon fiber PWM hub cover Zeuligan

be quiet! PWM hub black and white carbon fiber

Last step of the backside is to create a cover for the be quiet! PWM hub. Everything in the backside is black carbon fiber, so decided I needed to add some white accents and a white plate.  The PWM hub and LED strip connector is small and need to have height enough to give room

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LED light with reflector Zeuligan

LED reflector for custom floor

Time to finish the custom light ramps I planned early in this build based on the included 2 LED strips from be quiet! The challenge is I want them to be indirect lights, so it’s crucial they are smooth, but powerful. First, I drilled some mounting holes to the vertical diffusion lid made out of

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Inside front fan shroud in carbon fiber

Fan shroud / fan grill in carbon fiber inside front

To match the rest of the inside of the case I decided I wanted to cover part of the front fans and the area around it with a custom fan shroud / fan grill. It’s a sin to cover the beautiful be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans them self, so knew it had to be

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Custom be quiet! top fan bracket in carbon

Be quiet! 140mm top fan bracket in carbon fiber

I want a clean look with sharp lines that keep the viewers eyes occupied with details of my choosing. Therefor I decided to create a small fan bracket in carbon fibre for the top part of the amazing be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case.  I want to hide the edge of the fans. Even

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Alphacool Hard Tube 13/10 fitting black

Alphacool pass through water cooling fittings

When you think if a custom hard tube water loop and a gaming PC you think if clean lines, order and well planned loop. I had a dilemma as this was my first loop. My main thoughts was to stay 100% true to my Alphacool fittings plan and add some Alphacool pass through fittings.  Alphacool

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