I am a Swedish nerd, entrepreneur, gamer and digital marketer with a dream to add something real and genuine to the computer and gaming industry. My dream and major driving force is to reach a point where I can afford to help and support small and medium sized gamers and pc modders with products, knowledge, sponsoring and joy. 

I have spent most of my professional life in online marketing, working in challenging corporate environments. While fueling my life with a passion for gaming and custom computers. The dream of a business within the computer and gaming community has followed me around like a annoying shadow or an itching sweater you got from an aunt for Christmas.

My goal and dream is to combine Scandinavian design with high tech components sprinkled with creativity and passion for happy customers. I hope to share my passion for modding and building custom computers. With continuous research and close collaboration with real users create something awesome. I will always strive to bring the best possible scratch builds and mods to life and share with the community all around the world.

  • My first arc, really happy. Almost perfect 👌Will look amazing in project Zeuligan
  • EPS Arc in the making, my first try :) #mdpc #mdpcx
  • I'm really happy and proud with the result. What you think? Amazing MDPC-X sleeve ❤️#mdpcx
  • A little learning curve but I believe it starts to look dope. Not convinced yet about the cable combs, might spread the cables a little too much for my taste. What is your thoughts?
#mdpcx #mdpc #sleeve #sleeving #awesome #alphacool #crimp
  • Work in progress #mdpc #mdpcx #sleeving #pcmodding #inspiration
  • First ever sleeve, first try. Not even a broken crimp. I'm proud. What you pros think? #mdpc #mdpcx #cablesleeving #sleeve #pcmodding #awesome
  • The awesome minecraft Xbox. At Stanford mall #minecraft #xbox #xboxone #stanford #inspiration #design
  • Amazing to be at Stanford today and Palo Alto for a week. Such inspiration ❤️

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