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Why do I show adds on my page? The question is as simple as the answer. If someone clicks on them I earn a small (very small) commission payed out from the advertiser relayed by Google. It will not cost you a single dime as a user. Neat right?

The same is for the Amazon products you see on my content pages. They are affiliate products. If you click on them and then within that session buy something from I will get a small commission from Amazon. That will not cost you a single dime either except the ordinary cost for that order of course :).

That means, that if you like what I do and I hope you do (otherwise tell me what you don’t like and I will try to change it) you can help me survive by coming to my page, click my Amazon links prior to you purchasing from them and you will give my your love, your support.

It would not only do my month, it would do my entire year!