3D printing Angl3d Ti exterior and interior case mod custom pc zeuligan modding pc 08

3D printing Angl3d Ti exterior and interior parts

It has been a time consuming and fairly tough period to dail in my 3D printer to the level I require, but once done the parts started to roll out the plate. Printed almost 24/7 for the last 3 weeks. After a few adjustments and attempts I got the design I wanted. Opted for a

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Angl3d Ti Interior part 1 custom pc casemod 3D printing Zeuligan 09

Interior D5 pump and reservoir mounting

Very excited about starting the inside of the case. It has been a long time since I did the PSU Shroud for project Angl3d and feels extra special to start to build around it. It’s a beautiful case, the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900, even without it’s amazing exterior. Love the removeable backside, MB

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RGB LED lighting scheme Angl3d Ti custom pc pcmod Zeuligan 02

RGB leds and lighting scheme for Angl3d Ti custom PC

It’s not an easy task to visualize lighting effects either in your mind or in a CAD program. Best is to try it IRL. As I’m using the Enermax RGB fans I need to use their fan/led controllerbox, so started out with testing LED strips both custom and common without a result I was happy

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Angl3d Ti custom pc front part 3 pcmod Zeuligan Computers 01

Front part 3 custom pc mod Angl3d Ti Zeuligan

After a new modding room and a full stack of amazing tools thx to Ryobi I could get back to modding and project Angl3d Ti. Some parts left to do on the complicated front as well as closing up the bottom and front.  It was suddenly a dream. The last 3 angles to finish the

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Modding Room Ryobi Sponsorship Modding Eqipment Zeuligan Computers 12

Modding room update with Ryobi sponsorship live

It’s not that common for me to do an update not directly related to a computer mod, but after the amazing news that Ryobi decided to sponsor me, I had to rebuild my modding room.  I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Turned my 2,2×3,1m modding room from a dull and quite ugly

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Front Casemod part 2 for Angl3d Ti custom pc Zeuligan 16

Front Casemod part 2 for Angl3d Ti custom pc Zeuligan

Last piece before the exterior frame is complete is the front. It is also the hardest due to my design choice to expose the 3 front fans. As I have a challenge with the precision with my hand tools, I decided that the only way to get a prefect fit, is to make the holes

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