CMWS19 Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding day 15 custom 3D printed front 21

3D printed custom front for Cooler Master C700P for CMWS19

A picture can say a thousand words, but not sure it can cover all the frustration (cursing) from 200h of failed prints, but I have one more item to manage on my plan for this entire mod. The crown piece to earn the name of the mod – Unhidden | Tribute.  But I was determined

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CMWS19 Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding day 14 cinyl custom dual water cooling loop 15

Custom dual water cooling loop put together – CMWS19

Learn by doing… Third time is a charm, atlest for me adding this matte vinyl to the top. I got big mod left for the front, so I want two tone. The sides are left original to pay my tribute to the exterior as well.  This will be a BIG challenge… Dual pumps and loops

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CMWS19 Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding day 13 RGB GPU PSU Shroud 22

RGB and wire day with some black matte vinyl wraping

I admit, I’m starting to feel the preasure. Just passed 40h straight and still so much work left to do. I’m starting to feel that scary feeling that there is a chance I’ll not make it in time. More coffee, I’m GOING to make it… RGB testing. I’m using the Alphacool Eismatrix together with the

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CMWS19 Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding day 12 backside PSU Shroud cable management MDPC-X sleeving 05

Backside PSU Shroud and MDPC-X cable sleeving – CMWS19

With the previous step of planning the cable management for the backside, I could start the day with making it a reality. Focus was also making the backside PSU shroud cover ready.  My idea for the shroud is to combine printed parts with simpler straight handcut acrylic plates. Precision and speed at the best mix.

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CMWS19 Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding day 11 cable management and backside psu shroud 02

Backside Hard tube and cable management MDPC-X – CMWS19

With the backside out (again) I could start with cutting hole for the second pump.  There it is. Measure twice, cut once… That’s more like it. Can’t hide such a beauty. Also want the symetry with the front as well as making the backside as rich and alive as the front. Everything unhidden.  Re-mounted (again)

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Custom PC CMWS19 Coolermaster Zeuligan Unhidden Tribute day 4 pc modding 07

Day 4 of CMWS19 Coolermaster Modding World Series

Day 3 was mostly Fusion concept itterations to decide on a path with the great exeption of the 2nd pump bracket. Started day forth fairly late as I had regular workday (as most of us do) but decided to start working on the front of the PSU shroud and the pump top cover.  First piece

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Casae Mod World Series 2019 CMWS 19 Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding Alphacool Eispumpe plexitop

CMWS19 – First day of modding in Coolermaster World Series 19

First day of modding. Super excited. Started at 6am with breakfast and a long session in Fusion 360. Can’t say I felt bad with a Coolermaster T-shirt and a Alphacool coffeemug in my hand. First thing was to start 3D-printing to maximize work hours. Print while doing other stuff.  This is just a small piece,

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