Redrock Zeuligan Painting be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 parts 04

Painting Redrock case parts be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

It’s always nice, but time consuming, when you reach the painting stage in a project. I thought about vinyl, but wanted to paint, to check that off my list of things to test and learn. It’s also with the paint the accents and the project name will start to come together.    One last test

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be quiet! backside carbon mounted

3M Carbon Fiber backside case modding

I thought a long time about what I should do to the backside of my case, but it finally hit me. Carbon fiber full cover plates to tie up the theme and make a background for my new custom sleeved MDPC-X cables. As with previous custom case parts to this mod, I did the backside

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Custom be quiet! top fan bracket in carbon

Be quiet! 140mm top fan bracket in carbon fiber

I want a clean look with sharp lines that keep the viewers eyes occupied with details of my choosing. Therefor I decided to create a small fan bracket in carbon fibre for the top part of the amazing be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case.  I want to hide the edge of the fans. Even

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Custom PSU cover for Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

Custom PSU cover for be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

Nervous, first time modding and working in acrylic, worried it will not bend as sharp as I need or cracking when bending. After a quick experiment on how much I could bend and how much I should heat my 5mm acrylic sheet I got to work on creating my custom PSU cover / secondary floor

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