be quiet! backside carbon mounted

3M Carbon Fiber backside case modding

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I thought a long time about what I should do to the backside of my case, but it finally hit me. Carbon fiber full cover plates to tie up the theme and make a background for my new custom sleeved MDPC-X cables.

As with previous custom case parts to this mod, I did the backside panels in acrylic. New for the backside is a test of a new very exclusive car wrap. My supplier just finished wrapping a 250.000€ Lamborghini and had some vinyl to spare, for me to test.

be quiet! backside carbon case mod

The only problem with this part of the mod will be the custom case floor PSU shroud I previously created. I also want to secure the horizontal cover into the case edge, but have a good idea there as well.


be quiet! backside carbon lower acrylicThe horizontal piece was of course very straight forward to cut. I made it exactly as wide as the case, but added 5mm to the height. More to why in the next step…


be quiet! backside carbon dremel moto saw cut out

I cut away 5mm with my newly acquired Dremel Moto-Saw and as wide as the edge case plates visible in the previous picture.


be quiet! backside carbon lower acrylic fit

be quiet backside carbon lower acrylic mb tray

be quiet! backside carbon dremel 4000 sandingWith the 5min cut-out and some quick sanding with me Dremel (that I love more for every mod) the fit is just perfect. It will prevent the horizontal piece to slide out in the bottom and made the top align perfectly with the motherboard tray.


be quiet! backside carbon cable sleeving acrylic board cut out

After cutting the piece for the vertical part of the backside carbon mod, I took measurements for the cut-out for the floor as well as the holes for mounting it. I will share holes with the inside carbon fiber case wall, so the fit needs to be perfect.


be quiet! backside carbon cable sleeving acrylic board edge

Can’t  be happier with that cut-out, just a perfect fit. It’s a little little wider then the floor, so after adding my 3M carbon fiber vinyl, it will be super snug.


be quiet! backside carbon cable sleeving acrylic board

Looking really good and everything aligns. Time to test my Lamborghini vinyl 🙂


be quiet! backside carbon 3m 1080 film

Looks and feels even better then my previously used Di-Noc.


be quiet! backside carbon plates wrapped

Super tight fit with extremely nice surface to it. It’s water resistant as it’s a certified car vinyl, but I hope I never have to verify that 😉

Finished result with an even sexier case backside. What do you think?

be quiet! backside carbon mounted

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