MDPC-X monochrome cable sleeving custom pc 24 pin extension white backside

MDPC-X cable sleeving 5th shades of grey 24pin extension

I had planned all along to learn the skill of sleeving my own cables. Feels like the thing you should know as a serious modder. At least that is how I feel about it. The color scheme is fairly simple for this build and decided to go full pro. MDPC-X sleeves in all shades of grey combined with Black, Shade-19, Carbon-BTI and the brand new White Carbon fiber. First of all I had to stock up on all tools, wires, crimps and connectors needed. Always more expensive and more of an adventure the first time… Such amazing tools with the outcome of great result. I have studied a lot of YouTube vids about sleeving and read many guides. They all talk about the importance and difficulty of crimping and pre-crimping. I didn’t have any problems with MDPC-Xs own amazing crimping tool.   I did some measuring inside the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case and came up with 50cm as the perfect length. I then

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Inside front fan shroud in carbon fiber

Fan shroud / fan grill in carbon fiber inside front

To match the rest of the inside of the case I decided I wanted to cover part of the front fans and the area around it with a custom fan shroud / fan grill. It’s a sin to cover the beautiful be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans them self, so knew it had to be

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Custom be quiet! top fan bracket in carbon

Be quiet! 140mm top fan bracket in carbon fiber

I want a clean look with sharp lines that keep the viewers eyes occupied with details of my choosing. Therefor I decided to create a small fan bracket in carbon fibre for the top part of the amazing be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case.  I want to hide the edge of the fans. Even

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HardWareLabs 420 x-flow case modding be quiet! dark base pro 900

HardWareLabs Black Ice Nemesis GTS420 xflow radiator

I will use a little unconventional mounting option for my HardWareLabs Black Ice Nemesis GTS420 Xflow radiator and be quiet Silent Wings 3 fans. The HWL radiator will be mounted outside the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 between the case cover and frame. This option lets me expose the fans inside the case and

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Alphacool Hard Tube 13/10 fitting black

Alphacool pass through water cooling fittings

When you think if a custom hard tube water loop and a gaming PC you think if clean lines, order and well planned loop. I had a dilemma as this was my first loop. My main thoughts was to stay 100% true to my Alphacool fittings plan and add some Alphacool pass through fittings.  Alphacool

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Vertical GPU bracket ASUS ROG 1080Ti part 2

GPU bracket for ASUS 1080Ti part 2

The first part of this GPU bracket mod went very well, but left a big hole to finish. I have planned for an ASUS ROG FE GTX 1080Ti with an EKWB plexi water block.  This amazing card needs to be mounted vertically which I fixed in a previous mod, Vertical GPU bracket for ASUS ROG

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Vertical GPU bracket for ASUS GTX 1080Ti part 1

Vertical GPU bracket for ASUS 1080Ti part 1

I had a vision from start that I wanted to mount my GPU vertically. I think that all water blocks are to beautiful to hide. I didn’t want to use a factory solution as most of the shelf products are big and bulky. Time to go to work on my previously bought aluminium sheets and

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Inside Wall part 2 Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

Inside case wall part 2, finishing touch

Now when I had the frame and brackets done from the previous inside chassi wall mod it was time to finish the base plate and the actual inside case wall. It should of course be carbon fibre and help the white pastel fluid in my floor mounted Aqualis XT 880 ml reservoir pop. After some

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Custom PSU cover Corsair RM100i Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 final

Final step of the custom PSU cover for project Zeuligan

It was finally time to finish my first real piece. Last step of first piece in the rest of my life… I’m talking about the custom PSU cover that transformed into a secondary floor including an EKWB D5 PWM Plexi pump, Aqualis XT 880 ml reservoir covering the amazing Corsair RM1000i PSU.  The last step

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