Intel i9 9900K CPU for CMWS19 Unhidden Tribute Zeuligan pc modding custom pc

CMWS19 day 8, loop and inside wall focus.

Spent last days with the 3D printer. Got a huge 60h print that has taking lot of time to CAD and tweak, but the first slice out of 5 is loaded as we speak. Very excited to see how it turns out. One of my main challenges with the inside wall is to design a

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Custom PC CMWS19 Coolermaster Zeuligan Unhidden Tribute day 4 pc modding 07

Day 4 of CMWS19 Coolermaster Modding World Series

Day 3 was mostly Fusion concept itterations to decide on a path with the great exeption of the 2nd pump bracket. Started day forth fairly late as I had regular workday (as most of us do) but decided to start working on the front of the PSU shroud and the pump top cover.  First piece

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Casae Mod World Series 2019 CMWS 19 Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC day2 04

CMWS – Day 2 – Coolermaster Case Mod World Series 19

Waking up to a successful print is a great feeling. Waking up to a successful print on the second day of CMWS19 is an awesome feeling.  Happy with my pumpbracket. Fits perfectly. Snaps in place with just a little push and will not only keep the two pumps in place, but will help keep the

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Casae Mod World Series 2019 CMWS 19 Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC modding Alphacool Eispumpe plexitop

CMWS19 – First day of modding in Coolermaster World Series 19

First day of modding. Super excited. Started at 6am with breakfast and a long session in Fusion 360. Can’t say I felt bad with a Coolermaster T-shirt and a Alphacool coffeemug in my hand. First thing was to start 3D-printing to maximize work hours. Print while doing other stuff.  This is just a small piece,

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Casae Mod World Series 2019 CMWS 19 Cosmos C700P Zeuligan Custom PC competition modding starting 01

CMWS19 – Day 1 – Competition modding begins

Just look at that beautiful case. Will be hard to mod this amazing thing and still keep it as clean as possible. For me, this entire mod is about taking away enough to get more attention to the case, but enough to make it a real mod. Find that balance will be the big challenge. 

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Backside Cable Management custom sleeve angl3d Ti Custom PC mod MDPC-X concept

Backside cable management solution

For me it is always extra fun to reach the backside of a project. It is fun, it gives me the opportunity to sleeve and it is a milestone that state that a project is close to the end. I started in Fusion 360 to get a feel for what I wanted to make. Went

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Painting exterior acrylic case parts for custom gaming pc Angl3d Ti Zeuligan 22

Painting exterior acrylic case parts Angl3d Ti Zeuligan

It’s always equal part joy and frustration when you reach the painting part of a project. It’s the mark of getting close to assembly, but it’s also a very time consuming and sometimes frustrating part. This time more then usual with two disasters. With a new living situation I had to be creative to be

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Bottom RGB led strip corsair lighting Node pro 3D printed bracket 09

Bottom RGB led strip 3D printed bracket

I often mod for clean design and practical solutions. This was also my intention when I started to sketch on the solution for the bottom RGB led strips from Corsair. Did a design in Fusion 360 for a led holder for the Corsair Lighting Node Pro strips I won in Sweclockers mod of the month

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Vertical GPU bracket GTX1080Ti Zeuligan Angl3d Ti water cooling mod 14

Vertical GPU bracket GTX1080Ti for be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

The case will be so packed with water cooling, with it’s dual pumps and dual reservoirs I felt I needed to position the GPU in a different way. Was also important to create balance. Many polygons in this project. Very easy to go overboard. Cranked out the MB backplate and my 1080Ti covered in beautiful

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