MDPC-X monochrome cable sleeving custom pc 24 pin extension white backside

MDPC-X cable sleeving 5th shades of grey 24pin extension

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I had planned all along to learn the skill of sleeving my own cables. Feels like the thing you should know as a serious modder. At least that is how I feel about it. The color scheme is fairly simple for this build and decided to go full pro. MDPC-X sleeves in all shades of grey combined with Black, Shade-19, Carbon-BTI and the brand new White Carbon fiber.

First of all I had to stock up on all tools, wires, crimps and connectors needed. Always more expensive and more of an adventure the first time…

MDPC-X crimping tool and atx pin remover cable sleeving

Such amazing tools with the outcome of great result. I have studied a lot of YouTube vids about sleeving and read many guides. They all talk about the importance and difficulty of crimping and pre-crimping. I didn’t have any problems with MDPC-Xs own amazing crimping tool.


MDPC-X cable sleeving with 18awg black wire

I did some measuring inside the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case and came up with 50cm as the perfect length. I then cut 22 times 50cm lengths from the 18AWG black wire. Finally cut 2 times 50cm length from the 18AWG white wire.


MDPC-X cable sleeving wire stripping tool 18AWG

I bought a wire stripping tool at my local hardware store, but wasn’t happy with length of the smallest strip. Modded the tool by supergluing a piece of 5mm acrylic to it and then filed it down to the correct size and shape. Worked perfectly after just one adjustment. Now it striped perfect amount of shield just to end at the very tip of the inner crimp of the ATX pin.


MDPC-X pre crimping tool for atx pins for 24 pin extension

It’s worth mentioning again. The MDPC-X crimping tool CTX3 made this so simple. The small inside edge just makes it dummy proof.


MDPC-X pre crimping tool for atx pins for 24 pin extension three clicks

Three distinct clicks later and the ATX pin is pre-crimped.


MDPC-X 4:1 heat shrink in black and white

I had no doubt that I wanted to go for the heat shrink less method. Sleeves as beautiful as MDPC-X needs the best.


MDPC-X cable sleeving in Titanium grey, White Carbon, Shade-19, White, Black and Platinum grey

Last, but not least, I had the actual sleeve. Beautiful craftmanship from MDPC-X. It just screams quality. I love the fact that they have so many colors to choose from and with 7 different shades of grey, I was more than happy to start sleeving for real. 


Alphacool Alu Cable comb sleeving atx 24pin psu

I went for Alphacool’s aluminum cable combs. Very exclusive look and feel, but I have to admit that the jury is still out for the verdict. I’m trying to decide what I feel about the cap between every second cable.


MDPC-X cable sleeving progress on custom pc Zeuligan

Some progress. I admit it took me a few tries to get the right amount of heat for sealing the sleeve. Need much more time/heat on the heat shrink than I first could imagin.

Decided to go with a MDPC-X White Carbon backside / layer 2. Finished!

MDPC-X monochrome cable sleeving custom pc 24 pin extension white backside

MDPC-X monochrome cable sleeving custom pc 24 pin extension

I want to mention Purple Banana where I got all my sleeving gear. Such amazing service and support. This sleeving project wouldn’t have happend without your support. /bow

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