MDPC-X Cable management backside IO cables zeuligan

Backside cable management for front IO cables

I dislike ugly cables as much as I love sleeved cables. The “mess” that the front IO brings to a mod like this is a challenge. Not a challenge I want unanswered. The choice is simple, either sleeve them and deal with the routing problem of that many cables. Short cables to increase the problem

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be quiet! custom carbon fiber PWM hub cover Zeuligan

be quiet! PWM hub black and white carbon fiber

Last step of the backside is to create a cover for the be quiet! PWM hub. Everything in the backside is black carbon fiber, so decided I needed to add some white accents and a white plate.  The PWM hub and LED strip connector is small and need to have height enough to give room

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be quiet! backside carbon mounted

3M Carbon Fiber backside case modding

I thought a long time about what I should do to the backside of my case, but it finally hit me. Carbon fiber full cover plates to tie up the theme and make a background for my new custom sleeved MDPC-X cables. As with previous custom case parts to this mod, I did the backside

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Inside front fan shroud in carbon fiber

Fan shroud / fan grill in carbon fiber inside front

To match the rest of the inside of the case I decided I wanted to cover part of the front fans and the area around it with a custom fan shroud / fan grill. It’s a sin to cover the beautiful be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans them self, so knew it had to be

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Inside Wall part 2 Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

Inside case wall part 2, finishing touch

Now when I had the frame and brackets done from the previous inside chassi wall mod it was time to finish the base plate and the actual inside case wall. It should of course be carbon fibre and help the white pastel fluid in my floor mounted Aqualis XT 880 ml reservoir pop. After some

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