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As I explained in an early update I decided early in the process when creating the custom PSU cover, that I wanted to design an inside wall. To hide the HDD ladder that I wont use in this build.

I also wanted to create a dark foundation for my Aqualis XT 880 ml Reservoir to make the planned white pastel pop. To ensure it doesn’t end up being a dark big board, I need to create some layering effect and contrasting colours. I also  planned a custom LED lighting ramp to indirectly light on the MB.

Inside carbon wall for Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

I started by creating a small 5mm acrylic spacer. This serves two purposes, well three even. Firstly it will create a spacer so the floor cant move upwards. It will be in a different colour ensuring a contrasting effect to prevent a big black wall. Lastly it will box in the custom LED lighting ramp, so the light only will go left and not out into the case.

Inside carbon wall for Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

Logical next step was to move on to cut the acrylic piece for the vertical spacer doubling as the lighting ramp. It’s inside of this I will mount the LED strips. It took some sanding to ensure a tight fit towards the spacer and the top of the case. Making it air (lighting) tight.
Inside carbon wall for Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

A few minutes later with the hand saw and I had a plate with perfect 90 degree angles in the right size. I deliberately cut it shorter than the space to create a layering effect and revealing the horizontal spacer.

Inside carbon wall for Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan
Here the layering effect is more visible as is the space for the LED strip. I also effectively covered the small gap between my custom floor and the HDD ladder.
Inside carbon wall for Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 project Zeuligan

Looks a lot better with white carbon fiber and with the LED lighting ramp frosted. This is going to be a nice solution. The LED is RGB, but plan to run it white to stay true to my theme. Next step will be to finish the actual wall piece and fix mounting brackets for the wall and spacers.

5 thoughts on “Inside case wall with custom LED lighting and carbon fibre spacer”

  1. Not everyone realizes the importance of choice of color in builds. I love the way you carefully choose the colors. And using a custom LED lighting ramp completely blew my mind.
    Keep it up; you’re doing a nice job.

    1. Thx 🙂 I think that any build or design work benefits from a good color scheme. I also thought it would be fun to do a build in a case that doesn’t have the color. Even if be quiet! actually announced a limited edition of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 in white as of today :).
      The lighting idea came from a thought of the indirect lighting you often find in architectures and buildings as well as in interior design. Rather then making the actual light the source of attention (typically a modern RGB build) you use the light to accentuate the detail you want show of. In my case I want focus on the beautiful motherboard and integrated SSDs. Thats why I came up with this design idea of a hidden LED ramp. Glad you liked it 🙂

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