Picking the right computer case for custom water cooling

Picking the right computer case for custom water cooling

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Any modding and custom pc project no matter how complex or easy it is, will be defined by the choice of computer case. In my case, no pun intended :), I knew I wanted at least a mid-tower, but preferably a full tower. I also made a small list of my own to ensure that when I started my hunting party it would be for the right prey.

What a case need to support for my modding project

  • ATX
  • Modular and flexible
  • High end design
  • 420 and 280 or 360 and 360 or 360 and 280 radiator support
  • USB3
  • White or black
  • Enough room for a 1080 Ti GPU
  • Preferably room for a 180mm PSU

I also picked brand based on how friendly and active they are on social media. As I follow most of the hardware and gaming brands I went on a mission to see who would actually answer a typical consumer question and would anyone even answer a question for sponsorship? I was surprised by how good, friendly and quickly most of the brands who matched my computer cases list interacted.

After some awesome input from some of the Facebook groups I’m frequent in and particularly Casemodders group. I ended up with a shortlist of 4.

Case 1 – be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

Case 2 – Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Tempered Glass

Case 3 – NZXT H440W Silent Ultra New Edition Window White

Case 4 – Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass

They all ticked in most of my boxes and the brands answered quickly to my questions. I decided to remove Phantek, will save that until a future build, as I’m very interested in building something with that beautiful case. I had made a perception of building with a white case and NZXT was the only one providing one from factory and they have also been one of the most active brands on Twitter. I couldn’t decide if I liked or disliked the beehive pattern in the front on the Corsair, so decided to leave that one out, but will come back to Corsair. I was very close when I decided that I wanted to go 420mm for my radiator and the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 was the only case of the four solving that. I was a little reluctant to go with it, due to its size. So much bigger than the other three, but I now know better. Water cooling with custom loop requires A LOT of room. I also wanted to create a really clean build with PSU cover a 2nd floor to hide cables, so I would need a case with more space.

My choice of be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 for my modding project is a choice I will not regret. It just ooze quality and the modularity of that case is just amazing. I wrote a short review of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro computer case you can read in the component list for Zeuligan build.

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4 Replies to “Picking the right computer case for custom water cooling”

  • Nils Scheiter

    For me i would use case 4 it really looks cool and have pretty decend desgin on it the others are really cool as well but case 4 is my favorit 🙂

    Greetings Raiser

    • Zeuligan Zork

      Thank you so much for you comment. I’m very happy with my choice of case. The be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 is an extremely modular case, making it a modders dream. Most is fixed with screws rather then rivets. With that said, I want to make a build on that case you like as well. Think the Phantek case looks awesome and maby I will build in a Phantek Elite case in the future.

  • Francesca Jens

    Each time I read about your builds, I learn something precious and tangible. So, social media platform performances of different brands could actually help when considering making a choice out of various brands. I rarely know about this.
    Quite an educative piece. I look forward to learning more

    • Zeuligan Zork

      Thank you very much Francesca for your friendly comment and I agree with you. I often find my own inspiration and knowledge from various sites and social media channels. There are many talented modders out there so it’s extremely fun and humbling to dive into this area. If there is anything specific you want to know more about, let me know. Happy to answer anything I can.

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