So it begins – modding and building Zeuligan my dream computer

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As with any modding and custom PC project it usually starts with an idea or an itch. In my case, it started with an itch arrived from endless of hours spent on Instagram surfing red and black RGB builds. I wanted to experience something different, something new. After spending time with different types of inspiration like fashion sites, interior design, high end electronics for homes, like HiFi, I started to feel I had a vision.

The vision was a Scandinavian design themed build with clean lines and high end materials. A build that should work as a furniture or a design piece functioning in a modern home. I also wanted to combine this with a hand-crafted journey.

This is a log of that journey. Hope you will like it and I hope you want to be part of this journey by adding comments and thoughts for this build.

Sincerely Zeuligan

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2 Replies to “So it begins – modding and building Zeuligan my dream computer”

  • Mitchelle

    Scandinavian design!
    Indeed an awesome design. It will be a piece loved by many homes. Keep up the good work Zeuligan. Cant wait to see this wonderful piece show forth.

    • Zeuligan Zork

      It will hopefully be loved by my home at least. Just a one piece production so far. But would of course love to do a similar piece to anyone interested in commissioning one. That goes for any detail in the build as well. Glad you liked it

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