Scandinavian Design Custom PC - Zeuligan

Scandinavian designed be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

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The design for my custom build named Zeuligan, after my gamer name alter ego, needed to be something different. As a personal custom gaming PC the self-title seemed logic. The design started with the thought of creating something different, something mature.

I wanted to design a custom PC that could pass almost for a furniture or a design item. As my girlfriend is interested in interior design and our home is very Scandinavian with white furniture, light wooden floors, grey walls and soft accents I decided to design a computer originating from that.

Colour theme

It became clear, very quickly that there aren’t many options for motherboards other than black, carbon or RGB. I decided to combine my initial plan for a pure white and grey build with black components. As discussed in my pervious post about choosing the right case for custom water loop and high modularity I went with be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. As it’s pure black I needed to start to plan how to incorporate white and grey. With the underlying challenge, how to sort the furniture, organic feeling framed in a Scandinavian designed custom computer.

Design components

After several trips to all the local hardware stores, furniture and paint shops I stumbled upon an idea. Well, more stepped on a piece of cloth on the floor, literally. It was a piece of black leather. It’s funny, how a coincidence like that, sometimes forms a whole project. I quickly concluded that vinyl would be too flat and I needed the real feel of fabric. During a successful trip to my favourite local hardware and DIY store I found real fake white leather (no animals got hurt during the creation of this build). It was perfect! It felt like the real deal with a very moderate price tag.

I picked up some nice paint as well. White, black, grey both in satin and glossy finish. I had used 2 cans of white spray paint already.

Please comment your thoughts on this build with be quiet! Dark base Pro 900 and follow me for updates. /Love Zeuligan

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2 Replies to “Scandinavian designed be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900”

  • Vicky

    Your creativity will never cease to amaze me Zeuligan. Amusing but awesome. It got me wondering where your inspiration comes from. Can’t wait to see this piece ready.
    Good luck!

    • Zeuligan Zork

      Thx Vicky 🙂 I get inspired by Instagram, my girlfriend and my dog, the modder dog Oliver. I also try to use design and innovation from every day life to fuel thoughts. This particular build started with the concept of trying to build a piece of furniture and design piece as much as a computer. With the base of typical Scandinavian design. White, black, grey, light wood and no RGB.

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