GPU brace ASUS 1080Ti integrated hard tube alphacool

GPU brace integrated into hard tube water cooling line

As I did a vertical GPU bracket in a previous mod I ended up with more than a little sag on my GPU. The structural integrity of the perforated case wall isn’t enough to keep the GPU up.  As I want to keep the build as clean as possible a big GPU brace was out

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Cable Combs in Carbon fibre for awesome cable management MDPC-X sleeved

Cable combs in carbon fiber for MDPC-X 24pin and GPU

I decided to ditch my sleeved extension and go for a more slick cable management solution with a custom cable comb in carbon fiber. To route cables first and cut the end once done. More sleeve and cable needed, but easier to route the cables.  This is what needs to be sorted. I thought of

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EKWB ASUS FE GTX1080Ti Water block

ASUS FE GTX1080Ti EKWB Waterblock mounting

Nothing as scary as tearing a 800$ ASUS GTX1080Ti GPU apart and voiding warranty, but that is also part of the thrill. I love the look of EKWBs Acrylic and Acetal water block. With the GPU mounted vertically there is no need to spend time on a custom backplate, so went with the black backplate

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MDPC-X Cable management backside IO cables zeuligan

Backside cable management for front IO cables

I dislike ugly cables as much as I love sleeved cables. The “mess” that the front IO brings to a mod like this is a challenge. Not a challenge I want unanswered. The choice is simple, either sleeve them and deal with the routing problem of that many cables. Short cables to increase the problem

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EKWB D5 PWM Aqualis XT 880ml Reservoir Aquacool Fittings

EKWB D5 & Aqualis XT 880ml assembly with Alphacool fittings

It is an amazing feeling when you start to assembly items planned months ago. My EKWB D5 PWM pump and Aqualis XT 880ml reservoir custom bracket created so long ago is no execption. Will it work together with my custom carbon fiber floor and PSU shroud? Only one way to find out. One major concern

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be quiet! custom carbon fiber PWM hub cover Zeuligan

be quiet! PWM hub black and white carbon fiber

Last step of the backside is to create a cover for the be quiet! PWM hub. Everything in the backside is black carbon fiber, so decided I needed to add some white accents and a white plate.  The PWM hub and LED strip connector is small and need to have height enough to give room

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LED light with reflector Zeuligan

LED reflector for custom floor

Time to finish the custom light ramps I planned early in this build based on the included 2 LED strips from be quiet! The challenge is I want them to be indirect lights, so it’s crucial they are smooth, but powerful. First, I drilled some mounting holes to the vertical diffusion lid made out of

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be quiet! backside carbon mounted

3M Carbon Fiber backside case modding

I thought a long time about what I should do to the backside of my case, but it finally hit me. Carbon fiber full cover plates to tie up the theme and make a background for my new custom sleeved MDPC-X cables. As with previous custom case parts to this mod, I did the backside

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MDPC-X monochrome cable sleeving custom pc 24 pin extension white backside

MDPC-X cable sleeving 5th shades of grey 24pin extension

I had planned all along to learn the skill of sleeving my own cables. Feels like the thing you should know as a serious modder. At least that is how I feel about it. The color scheme is fairly simple for this build and decided to go full pro. MDPC-X sleeves in all shades of grey combined with Black, Shade-19, Carbon-BTI and the brand new White Carbon fiber. First of all I had to stock up on all tools, wires, crimps and connectors needed. Always more expensive and more of an adventure the first time… Such amazing tools with the outcome of great result. I have studied a lot of YouTube vids about sleeving and read many guides. They all talk about the importance and difficulty of crimping and pre-crimping. I didn’t have any problems with MDPC-Xs own amazing crimping tool.   I did some measuring inside the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 case and came up with 50cm as the perfect length. I then

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